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The Incredible Magic of Windshield Rock Chip Repair

You don't have to drive around with a big rock chip in the windshield

Windshield Rock Chip Repair

If you drive long and far enough your windshield is going to get hit with a rock. The odds are stacked against you. Rocks can get kicked up from the road by a passing car, drop out of a dump truck that hits a bump in the road in front of your car – or the one that gets me most – rocks jumping off a flatbed trailer that is hauling earth moving equipment. Can’t these folks invest in a broom and sweep the trailer once in a while?

A Rock Just Slammed into My Windshield

What do you do when you get a round chip or small crack in the front glass? (After using a few choice words that is!) On one hand, you can go ahead and pay your insurance glass deductible and get a brand new one. An expensive option for sure. And who knows if that new windshield seal won’t leak water into your car?

My advice is to get the rock chip filled and repaired. These repairs are just about invisible and keep the chip from turning into one long crack across the whole windshield. And the repairs are permanent.

If the chip does turn into a big crack then a new windshield and the associated expense is the only option. Whichever option you choose, get it fixed. In some states driving with a cracked windshield will get you a ticket. I don’t know about you, but my wallet can’t handle higher insurance bills!

Make a Call to Your Insurance Agent about a Rock Chip Repair – but not for a Claim

Generally, one call to your insurance agent gets the ball rolling. Just about every major car insurance company will cover the price of a rock chip repair at no cost to the customer. It doesn’t require a claim to be filed on your policy. It just keeps the price down for everyone in the loop. Rock chip repair costs are very reasonable compared to replacing the entire windshield. So don’t delay on fixing rock chips. Changes in temperature and the presence of water in the chip will greatly increase the chances of a long crack forming. Do it right away.

Peace of Mind in Rock Chip Repair

There has been one very nice development in the windshield repair and replacement business. At least one of the big national windshield companies has started a new policy. When you book your appointment a confirmation comes to you via email. In it is a picture of your technician along with his name. This gives a lot of us some peace of mind when dealing with a stranger. Don’t wait to take action. No one wants to drive with a rock chip in their face. Get it fixed as soon as possible. You will most likely save your windshield and your bank account.


3 comments on “The Incredible Magic of Windshield Rock Chip Repair

  1. The latch on my 2016 Mercedes C300 stopped working. I found an L-shaped metal piece in the compartment and think it might have something to do with the latching mechanism. Do you know how this can be repaired so the door latches again?

    • Hi Wilma. Does the metal piece look like it is broken or snapped? From what you wrote it’s hard to tell if that is something that can be reused. This would be something that either a bodyshop or the Mercedes dealer may need to take care of. Does the hatch stay closed as is? I hope it’s just part of the latch mechanism that has come loose and can be reattached. I don’t know about you but I am having a very hard time getting some of the less common replacement parts for my truck. I can’t even get my hands on parts for our lawn mower! If you can take pictures and send them I may be able to offer some better advice. Thank you, Bradley.

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