Welcome to Better Ask Bradley. My site is devoted to sharing information on automotive detailing, buying new and used cars, common car repair issues, helping you with car related problems and stories from my long career working around automobiles – and it’s written by a self-certified car fanatic.

How I Became an Uncontrollable Car Addict That Bought 40 Cars

I started out working at my uncle’s gas stations when I was 14 years old. That was way back when gas stations fixed cars – not just sold candy bars and hot dogs. I guess I am dating myself here! I also owned a luxury auto detailing business for over 25 years. Now if that doesn’t make me a car crazy and picky car nut nothing will. In that time, I learned a great deal about how cars work. I have helped clients buy and sell cars on their own terms. I have professionally sold high-end performance cars and have learned a great deal of the psychology of vehicle sales. I have even restored three classic Mustangs on my own – that’s just what you do when you grow up with a grandfather that was a professional Ford mechanic.

Read my site and never be taken for a ride again by a car sales person or a repair shop. I don’t pretend to be a certified auto technician. I am just someone that has worked around cars for most of his life. A little common sense and some online research can go a long way these days.

Where the Idea for Better Ask Bradly Originated

I was inspired to start this site based upon an experience of a good friend. One day her check engine light came on. Knowing that this was something to be concerned about she rushed to her car dealership. They informed her that they would “scan” her cars’ computer for error codes to determine what was wrong. The only catch was that they charged her $300 to do it.

The problem stemmed from a simple issue with the cars’ emission control system. It would be a very easy repair. When I heard about the diagnostic charge I was concerned. Almost every national auto parts stores will scan your cars’ computer for error codes – telling you what is wrong with your car. A lot of national chain auto repair shops do it, too. They generally do this for free. Once I explained this to my friend she immediately protested to the dealership to be reimbursed for the fee she had paid. I don’t know if this was a sad case of gender-based discrimination or just a shoddy business practice.

Having heard about her experience I was inspired to set out to help others to escape from being overcharged or ripped off for repair expenses that they may or may not need. As you read on, you will find information on repair topics like this and on many other things that can help you with your car. I have divided this site into several different sections to help you navigate ways to save money, keep your car in top working order, and always have a car that looks fantastic. After all, any past or present auto detailer can’t drive a filthy car without getting a stomach ache.

Learn About Car Detailing From the Pickiest Car Guy on the Planet

In the automotive detailing section of my site, you will find out how to professionally clean and protect your car at home. I share the secrets, tips and techniques that I developed in my long career to keep your car looking its best – and keeping up its value. Hey, who doesn’t want to drive a bright and spotless car?

Learn How Not to Get Ripped Off When Buying a Car

I also include sections on how to buy new and used cars for the lowest price – and teaching you about the mind games a car salesperson is trained to use on you. In terms of used cars, I will help you determine the fair market value of cars. Don’t be ripped off by a dealership or a private car seller ever again. In addition, I will share the steps to selecting a great used car – God knows after buying and selling over 40 cars I have learned some hard lessons. Yes, your new favorite car nut has bought a few lemons along the way. Ouch!

Learn Basic Repairs That Anyone But My Girlfriend Can Do

My site also shares some common automotive repair topics. I will help you decide on where to have your car repaired – a dealership or an independent repair shop. Each has its’ pluses and minuses. Knowledge is the key.


My Totally Warped Car Stories From Toothpicks to Dog Poop

I have also included some carefully selected stories from my past experiences. From topics like the guy who hid toothpicks in his car before a detail job to the lady who drove around with dog poop sprayed inside her car. Having dealt with the automotive public for most of my life, I have seen a lot of crazy things and met some real characters along the way.

In addition to these topics, I will help you understand what your mechanic is telling you about your car needs. One of my goals is to keep you from paying too much for a car repair.

Give Me a Piece of Your Mind

Take some time and explore my site – I hope you enjoy reading and using the information as much as I enjoyed writing it. As you read on you will see that I am a true car nut. There is just something about shinny paint, polished chrome and a big engine that just keeps me fascinated about cars. Go ahead, jump in and check it out. Let me know what you think along the way by leaving comments.