Welcome to Better Ask Bradley. This website is dedicated to helping you with questions and concerns about your car. Having over 35 years in the car industry, I will share my knowledge of car repair, maintenance tips, how to buy a new car, how to buy used cars, and automotive detailing in my blog. This site contains my opinions and experiences from working around cars. I don’t pretend to be a certified mechanic. My site just consists of my personal advice, but I have been around cars almost all of my life. I live and breathe cars.

Ask Me A Question by Commenting on My Blog

You can ask me about specific issues you are having with your car by adding a comment to any blog post on a related topic. I will answer your questions in the comments in the comment stream or write a new blog post on the topic. I want everyone to learn from other people’s problems, so I prefer blog comments to emails.

Ask Me for Help Deciphering Auto Repair Estimates

I will help you decipher what you are being told by a mechanic, dealership or repair shops. You can send email estimates you have gotten for car repairs and I will analyze them to make sure you are getting the repair work your car really needs. Also, I will review the prices you are being quoted to make sure you are not paying above the industry standard. 

All Car Advice Is Free… Really!

If you have a larger problem, we can even do a Google Hangout. The main idea here is to help you so you don’t get ripped off. I live and breathe cars. I love helping people. So buckle up and lets’ get rolling!

Red buick roadmaster tail fin   409 V8 engine