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Tesla Driving Experience

img_58082Tesla Driving Experience

So there I was at a private Tesla Motors Driving Event here in my home town. The event was hosted by a members only venue. I received an invitation from them to attend what they called the “Tesla Driving Event.” A few days after signing up I received a phone call  from a salesperson from the local Tesla dealer. He wanted to confirm my appointment and time slot. I guess it should have raised a red flag when he asked me right away what type of car I was driving. What would this matter?

I arrived at the club about a half an hour before my scheduled drive time – I was excited and wanted to be ready to go when it was my turn to get behind the wheel. After having been served an adult beverage and some snappy snacks I was called down into the buildings garage. There where three Tesla model S sedans lined up. My representative came over and introduced himself and asked me if I was ready to go. He held the passenger door open for me – but I wanted to drive! I figured that he would drive out and explain the functions and features of the car. Well he did. I expected him to pull over at some point and let me get behind the wheel – WRONG. I wouldn’t be allowed to drive. The representative – actually a salesperson, told me that I would need to make a trip to the dealership to set up a test drive. Why was I wasting my Saturday afternoon if all I was going to get was a ride?

I must say that I was impressed by the performance of the car – but it would have been a lot more impressive to have sat in the drivers seat. The salesperson asked me what type of car I was currently driving and if I was ready to buy a new car…a new Tesla that is. I told him that I was about a year away from making a switch. That’s how long I have to pay off my current ride. I felt that this was a little pushy. Don’t get me wrong, this was not a super high pressure sales attempt. It was rather casual but my sole purpose of attending the drive event was to get behind the wheel. I felt like they misrepresented the entire event. Doesn’t a “drive event” suggest that you get to drive the damn car?

I will wait to pass judgement on the Tesla until I get to actually pilot the car. As you all know you can only learn so much being a passenger. I guess I will have to change out of my ragged jeans and sweatshirt again to take a trip to the dealership to get my fix. Oh well, at least I got some free snacks and a nice drink out of the day.

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