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Tips on Selling a Car


No discussion of buying new and used cars would be complete without knowing some solid tips and techniques for selling your current one. I have sold quite a few used cars in my day. I want to share some of the things I do to prep my cars for sale. Having a clean used car will get you top dollar on the sale. People are very visual. If it looks clean, then you must have taken good care of it. Also, they sell faster in most cases, in my experience. In this post I will explain the steps I take to prep a car to sell.

Tips on Selling Used Cars

One of the first things I do in getting a car ready to sell is fix up any of the little things that don’t work. Replace any burned out lights – think turn signals, headlights, brake lights and even the interior dome light. I always change the oil. If a potential buyer checks the oil, it is reassuring when it shows clean on the dipstick.

Next, if it is in my budget, I replace the tires if they are badly worn. This is always a big selling point. It even makes the test drive better. New tires make the car run smoothly and quietly down the road. Not to mention that they make the car handle better.

Auto Detailing – Clean Cars Sell Faster and for Higher Profit

The next step I take is to do a full auto detail on the car. This goes back to the fact that people like to buy bright shiny cars. The paint needs to gleam. The interior needs to look as clean as possible. It is even a strong selling point if the car’s interior smells good. Buy an air freshener and put it under the front seat. Even the windows need to be spotless. Another important thing to do is touch up any chips in the paint. You can refer to the auto detail section of the site for a complete description of the car cleaning process. Once again, if the car is clean, people think it has been maintained and well-treated. Never mention that your teenage kids drove it.

Gather Your Service Records

Another thing that I do is gather up all the receipts I have for car maintenance. I save all the paperwork on my cars. I like to put these in chronological order in a binder. This really gives a buyer peace of mind that they have chosen the right used car.

Another strong selling point is to buy a CarFax vehicle history report on your car. These reports show any reported accidents, list all owners, and show all the states the car has been registered in. One word of caution: It is best to disclose anything wrong with the car. You don’t want a buyer to come back to you with problems and demand redress.

Pricing Research for Selling Used Cars

A very important step is to research your asking price. I always go online to see what people in my area are asking for cars like mine. There are several sources for this information. One of the best sites for looking at prices is Craigslist. It’s also the place I advertise – it’s free and very popular. I always add just a little bit to my price. People like to negotiate, and if they feel like they can talk you down a bit, they are a winner. Car sales involve a lot of psychology.

Now we get to some rules about the test drive. Never let anyone take your car out without you. You don’t want someone to beat your car to death. Also, you don’t want some stranger to drive off and steal your car. I always like to see their cash in hand before the drive. This proves they are really a potential buyer. This could be a good first step in showing your car.

Now you have a good idea of how to prep your car to sell. Make sure everything works, clean the car, and set a reasonable selling price. These tricks have helped me sell a lot of cars – and sell them fast. This can seem like a lot of work, but the little things really help. Good luck!

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