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How to Get Dents Out of Your Car


IMG_5732Wouldn’t it be Nice if you Could Get Rid of Those Little Dents

How many times have you come out of a store only to find a dent on your car? This is total heartache to a car fanatic. I have always taken way too much pride in my car, and getting a door ding is like getting punched in the gut. I realize all of you don’t feel that way, but there are a few car fanatics like me out there who can’t handle them.

So what can you do to get those annoying door dings and small dents removed from your car – without the time and expense of a trip to the body shop? Do you have options? The answer is yes.

In the not too distant past the only way to get rid of these eyesores was a trip to the local body shop. Body shops fill in the dents and then repaint the effected panels. This is a pretty expensive way to sooth our inner car fanatic.

Now fast forward a few years. A very inventive service started popping up around the country, known as “paintless dent removal.” Dents can be removed without a trip to the body shop. Paintless dent removal can permanently remove dents from the size of a pinhead up to the size of a baseball.

How to Fix Door Dings and Dents

The door ding removal technique involves a large assortment of specialized tools and a whole lot of hand and eye control. It is an art. Using these tools, the well-trained and experienced tech gets behind the dent. From there, they use several specially shaped rods with various heads to push out the dents from behind. This is a permanent repair. It preserves the vehicle’s paint and completely negates the need to go to the body shop – as well as that expense or even the need to make an insurance claim and pay a deductible. Door ding removal takes the fear out of parking your baby at the grocery store!

Door Ding Technicians

There are literally hundreds of companies that do paintless dent removal. There are national chains as well as independent contractors. These guys know how to fix door dings. A great place to get a good referral is your car insurance agent. Or just do a quick search on the Internet. You will be surprised at just how many of these guys are out there. Be sure to check online reviews for whoever you pick. Make sure you ask how long they have been doing their job as a dent removal technician. The more years of experience a technician has the better. Stay away from the newbies.

To sum things up: You often don’t need to go to a body shop for those annoying little dents and dings on your car. They can be removed without even damaging your car’s paint. These are permanent fixes. I have found that door ding repair costs are very reasonable since you are not going through the whole repainting process. Also, there is no insurance claim to file, so your rates won’t go up. Plus, for us car-crazy people, it keeps our cars looking perfect.

2 comments on “How to Get Dents Out of Your Car

  1. I have a football size dent in the back right panel of my 1985 GMC small pick-up.
    The dented area has rusted. Any suggestions? other than “get a car from this century”.

    • Ouch! Hi Nic. Paintless dent removal is limited to dents up to the size of a baseball. Sometimes they can get bigger ones out but those are rare cases. The rust is also a problem. That stuff spreads. I am afraid that in this case you will probably have to go the body shop route. One thing you may want to try though is to find a used door yourself. This will eliminate the need for any filling or body work. All they have to do is paint it. Now don’t give up on a rig just because it has a few years on it. I never give up on a car that is running good.

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