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Get an Instant Auto Detail Job in a Spray Bottle

2013-12-02 14.02.53In this post I want to share a quick and easy method to keep up on your cars paint between wax jobs. The process uses  “quick detail” spray. There are quite a few of these products out there and you can find them at your local auto parts store. They go by many names so you have a lot of choices.


Quick detail sprays are very simple to use. All you need to buy is the spray and some soft microfiber towels. Begin by doing a good hand wash and thoroughly dry the vehicle (check out my post on how to wash your car). Don’t do this on a dirty car – you will rub in the surface grim and scuff and scratch your car. I hear you moaning and groaning but get with the program! Next, lightly mist and work on one body panel at a time. Once it is damp use the towel to rub in the product. One quick note…I don’t recommend doing this on the glass. It leaves a film that can be hard to see through.


We learned at the auto detail shop that it is best to go over the car with side to side parallel hand strokes. This prevents leaving swirl marks in the paint. This is especially important on darker paint jobs. Black is the worst. I love black cars but wow, they are a lot of work.  These marks become very noticeable on sunny days. It makes you look like an amateur. The goal of my posts is to make you able to take care of your car like a pro.


These products will help maintain a wax job. Your car will shine like a diamond. They make It is so fast and easy that it’s really worth doing often. This makes us impulsive compulsive car crazy fanatics very happy. I mean I used to wax my cars once a month to keep them looking perfect. The life of a detailer got a lot easier when these products came to market.


There you have it. Quick detail spray is great at maintaining the cars appearance after your last wax job. You put some sweat into that job so don’t be lazy now. Simply visit your auto parts store and buy the stuff. Start with a good wash job.  Mist one panel at a time and use clean microfiber towels to rub it in. Make sure to only use side to side strokes – you don’t want to leave any visible swirl marks in the paint. I actually recommend doing this after every wash job but I am extreme. Now stand back and put on the sunglasses because your car will shine!


p.s. There is a fantastic product to treat your cars exterior windows. It is called Aquapel. This is a rub on, rub off treatment that makes water literally run of your glass. I love this stuff on dark rainy nights – it makes your wipers work fantastic. I mention it because it is a lot like the quick detail sprays. It is a wipe on and wipe off process. I like to do it every six months. This is another easy way to take care of your car – and see better too.

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