Auto detailing tips and techniques

Based on over 25 years of auto detail experience I will share tips and techniques that made my auto detail businesses thrive – I owned and operated three of them. These are the tricks that kept all of my cars looking new. I have developed some effective methods of auto detailing that I trained literally dozens of employees to follow. From power buffing to carpet shampooing I have covered it all with my crews. In this section I will go over some car care basics like the proper way to wash your car at home. I will also cover how to wax your car. If you do it wrong the first time you are probably not going to do it again. So I want to help you get it done fast and easy.  I will share some more inside knowledge and methods of doing a full professional auto detail job at home.

PorscheI will cover interior shampooing, leather cleaning and care and machine buffing and polishing. I will outline the supplies and tools you will need to use for an auto detail job.  I will also share some professional tips to make your car look its’ very best. These methods can be perfected at home – or you could even use the tricks to start an auto detailing business! I wish someone would have told me some of this stuff – it would have saved me some big headaches. And big money too!

This reminds me of one of my early auto detailing jobs using a power buffer. At that point in my career I wasn’t very experienced using the machine – no one taught me I had to learn by trial and error.  And did I ever make an error. While I was buffing the car my attention wandered and I held the spinning buffer over one place way to long. Well the long and the short of it is that I buffed right through the paint in a four inch section. Making the phone call to the owner was not something I would ever want to do again. He was pissed.

That early detail cost me quite a bit of money. But never fear, I kept at it and honed my skills over the years. With the guidance I provide here on my site you can begin using your own power buffer. Just be patient and don’t rush – also, pay attention to my safety recommendations. Now, lets’ clean up that car.